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How to Feed the Planet Without Destroying It

It’s been reported that we’ll need 70% more food by 2050 in order to offset the presence of what is projected to be a 9 billion worldwide population.

This isn’t just a labor issue, too. All aspects of agriculture will have to either increase production, increase the level of technology, dramatically increase efficiency of the entire process, or most likely, all of these and more.

From transportation to labor, it’s clear the agriculture business has its work cut out for it.

How Can Agribusiness Consulting Make This Happen?

While each arm of the agricultural industry is – rightly – looking to increase their efficacy, agribusiness consultants are looking at the entire picture.

And while each link in the chain may be doing the best with what they can, agribusiness consulting excels at helping ag companies find tried-and-true solutions backed by data that can not only improve their business but potentially help to combat this coming food crisis.

The Land Problem

Most of the arable farm land is already being used, and in fact, new studies show that 40% of the land on Earth is being used by agriculture.

This means that as the population rises (which itself will take up more land), there’s simply no way to just “farm more.” The fertile land is in use already, which means farming will have to become more efficient and yield more crop per square acre than ever before. And not just a little more – 70% more.

We also need to make sure we don’t lose the land we have now to soil erosion and other harmful conditions.

Lowering the Ecological Cost

We may have to adopt what are called “agroecological” methods to avoid devastating the environment with this inevitable increase in agriculture. It focuses on using natural resources to their fullest without altering or destroying those same resources.

These methods are, luckily, also extremely efficient, according to Olivier De Shutter, one of the authors of the agroecological report brought to the UN. The report claims an 80% increase in crop yield in areas using agroecological methods, which would obviously be a huge boon if it could be replicated at a large enough scale.

Agribusiness consulting can help find the most harmonious way to farm in your area while increasing efficiency and yield.

Embracing Technology

More farming means more emissions, right? Not necessarily. With sufficient investing in biofuels and other friendlier energy sources, it may be possible to do more work with less fuel very soon.

So, not only will machines help you farm more crop, they won’t be as damaging to the environment that we rely on.

It’s Time to Ask for Help

Agriculture has only become both more complicated and more important as climate, technology, politics, and populations change. There are many more factors to farming now than ever, which is why it may be a good idea to ask for some outside minds.

WMD Food and Industrial Agriculture can help you with agribusiness consulting because our business is making you the expert. Contact us.

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