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picture of plants growing thanks to seeds supplier in morocco

Why a Seeds Supplier in Morocco Is Beneficial for Economic Development

The agricultural system in Morocco is thriving. More than 40 percent of the country’s workforce is part of the agriculture sector, which produces far more crops than its African neighbors despite facing the same climate, nutrient-poor soil, and lack of supply challenges.

There are a few factors which play a role in the country’s agricultural success and resulting economic development, from an established irrigation system in the coastal regions to the work of a dedicated seeds supplier in Morocco.

3 Ways a Seeds Supplier in Morocco Can Help the Country Develop

The Moroccan government understands the importance the country’s agriculture plays in its development. Government programs aimed at improving irrigation and parceling land for farming have been run for decades. The government also knows how vital seeds suppliers are to its economic development.

Morocco complies with international seed laws, which regulate the types and quantities of seeds that can be produced or imported into the country. These certified seeds can often be purchased with public subsidies. Meanwhile, common seeds are not regulated and can be distributed with no restrictions.

A seeds supplier in Morocco will work with the local governments to find the right type of certified or common seed for the region. Here are three ways those seed suppliers help benefit Morocco’s economic development.

1. Improves Livelihood of Farmers

When farmers are given the opportunity to produce more crops, it means additional food and income for everyone working in the agricultural system. Seeds suppliers in Morocco contribute to this effort by providing essential seed at an affordable price, allowing these farmers to purchase and produce more.

When farmers begin to harvest more crops, they are able to sell their excess yield and use that profit to invest in more land, better technology, or other tools that will help them increase their output even more. This cycle then repeats itself each growing season, putting more money back in the hands of the country’s laborers and the local economy.

2. Increases the Country’s GDP

The economic growth from agriculture is felt beyond just local regions. Partly due to the efforts of seeds suppliers in Morocco, 15 percent of the nation’s GDP now comes directly from agriculture. That’s a higher rate than even Egypt, which is blessed with the fertile Nile River Delta.

It isn’t fair to say seed programs in Morocco are the sole cause of this agricultural success story. While these programs do allow farmers to purchase seeds at an affordable rate in order to increase production, Morocco has long been exporting crops to neighboring nations. The effect of a seeds supplier in Morocco may have helped this rate increase, but the agricultural priority has been well established for years.

3. Reduces Hunger

The seed supplier programs in Morocco also appear to be having a positive impact on the country’s malnutrition rates. And it makes sense – more seeds lead to more crops, which in the end means more food for domestic consumption.

If we look at statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we see that the number of people undernourished and the prevalence of undernourishment in Morocco has steadily decreased over the past 20 years. In addition, the food availability – measured by grams per capita per day – has been increasing.

These figures are encouraging compared to other African nations and could be one of the main reasons for Morocco’s relatively successful development. While the country is not yet fully self-sufficient, if the agricultural system is able to provide more food for domestic consumption, the nation isn’t forced to spend as much on food imports and can focus its financial attention on other infrastructure needs.

WMD Is a Trusted Seeds Supplier in Morocco

We are proud to be a trusted seeds supplier in Morocco. The seeds we provide to farmers are selected based on the soil, location, climate, and government restrictions to produce the best possible crops and largest yields for the Moroccan people.

Although we are Italian-based, we are committed to helping underdeveloped nations grow through agricultural programs and self-sufficiency. Our first-hand experience working with Saharan countries goes all the way up to our founder, who directed an agriculture company in Libya. Today, that company controls 70 percent of the potato seeds and half of the fertilizer markets in that nation.

We hope to continue our seeds supplier programs in Morocco as the country continues to develop into a regional economic and agricultural leader.

Contact us for seed supply and any agriculture need. 

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