We specialise in soil chemistry as well, supplying the nutritive elements that your crop needs. We provide an extensive range of substances to keep the crop healthy and foster food growth.

  • Tailor made: specific crop solutions are tailored to your own crop’s needs. We can test the soil and then decide which substance would be more beneficial to improve the growth rate of your plants.
  • Healthy soil: soil can be affected by bacteria, fungus and the presence of insects and similar animals. That’s why it becomes fundamental at times the use of chemical substances, such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, we can help and advise the best ones for your type of soil and crop, to ensure that the quality of the soil and the food are not compromised.
  • Fertilizers: we can give you the right advice suggesting high quality products  when and how to use them to protect your crop. Our fertilizers are organic and environmentally friendly as we strive to utilise only 100% natural materials in our composting technique. Thanks to the use of those fertilizers, you will notice that the soil becomes more naturally moist and more fertile, plants will grow healthy and strong.

Discuss with us to know more about the chemical solution for your soil.

picture of microscope in a lab studying soil chemistryWhat are fertilizers?

Fertilizers contain the nutritious elements that the plant needs, but not only. Their classification depends on the number of elements supplied (one or more) and the macronutrients that compose them. For example, a solution based on Nitrogen (N) is indicated for the growth of the leaves, while a solution based on phosphorus (P) is more suitable for the growth of roots, flowers and fruits.

What are plant and crop protection products?

Plant and crop protection products are chemicals designed to protect the soil and allow the continuation of a prosperous crop year after year. However, these should not be used indiscriminately, but should be selected according to the type of terrain, desired rotation and climate.

picture of lab specialised in soil chemistry

Plant and crop protection products are usually distinguished, according to their purpose, in three categories: herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Herbicides generally contain a low content of chemicals, so as not to damage the soil but to act selectively. Furthermore, not all herbicides work in the same way: some are applied on the plants and others on the soil.

The fungicides are used to inhibit fungal diseases that would ruin the crop. To be effective they must be used in a preventive manner or when the first symptoms of infection occur.

Insecticides, on the other hand, are mainly used to eliminate insects that could compromise crops or prevent the appearance of harmful insects. The residual insecticides remain active for a certain period of time, while those in contact have immediate action on the infesting subjects.

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