Who we are?

WMD is an italian Company that deals with industrial agriculture and food supply specific for different consumption needs, as well as agricultural consulting and innovative solutions.

Although the Company has been founded recently, the property boasts over twenty years of experience in the sector. We have contributed to the Agriculture Industry for decades, and still contribute as a leader in the trade of seeds for potatoes and fertilizers in the North African market.
Today we have control of about 60% of the Libyan market.

What we do?

We specialize in:

Supply of food

We supply the largest operators in the food sector, with quality foods specific for age groups and for different needs.

Seed supply

We supply the market with the most suitable seeds for the ecosystems in which they will be implemented. Our experts are able to study the climatic and territorial circumstances.


We plan specific consultations and an after sales program where necessary.

Supply of agricultural machinery and technologies

We choose together with our customers the most advanced machinery and technologies suitable for the reference terrain and the climatic situation.

Supply of fertilizers and plant and crop protection products

We help farms to keep the soil fertile productive and in good health. Our chemists create customized solutions according to different needs.

Why Choose WMD?

Experience: our Company is the result of two generations’ knowledge that allows us to master agricultural science, both in theory and in practise.

State of the art technology: we are committed to providing the most advanced technologies to ensure greater crop profitability with optimal timing.

Research and development: we are constantly striving to develop the best solutions for our customers, which are difficult to find elsewhere. We invest a lot of resources in research and development of fertilizers and plant and crop protection products and it is not uncommon to see us take part in Institutional research projects.

Customer service: we are aware of how important it is to know our customers, their goals and their needs. For this reason, we establish a relationship of collaboration and trust with them from the beginning.

“With us you become the experts. We and You Together to understand the technology and the chemistry of the soil.
We and you together to understand the experience and the shared tools to allow the best possible autonomy in the complex world of contemporary agriculture.
We and you together to understand the future.”

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