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We supply all the major large-scale retail trade with our top quality and genuine food. Our food is produced in Italy and in other EU Countries, therefore it follows European Union directives and protocols, this ensures safety and reliability.

When you purchase our food, you acquire not only the quality of mediterranean food for your final customers and peace of mind, but you receive expertise from our  highly trained consultants.
Together we will be able to select the best products for your target audience and will discuss how to communicate to them the value of the products.

We specialise in a variety of food products, but we focus mainly on three targets.

  • Baby food: with our baby food you can be rest assured that it is rich in nutrients and vitamins, of  the highest standards and sustainable. We can help you to explain to the mums how safe and healthy the food is and the strict procedure and control followed.
  • Food for elderly: we can advise on the best food for the elderly, high in vitamins and fibres and low in sugar and fat. We can help you to make your customers understand the value of choosing products specifically designed for their age.
  • Non-perishable foods: our non-perishable food is ideal for a different type of companies, as these foods are commonly used. Our foods has been grown and processed respecting the nature and the core values of sustainability. We can help you to make you customers aware of the care and attention that was used to deliver these foods.

Discuss with us to know more about our food options and values.

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