picture of microscope in a lab studying soil chemistry
picture of lab specialised in soil chemistry

We believe that import and export companies have a shared responsibility for compliance with laws and regulations.
WMD provides tools, assistance, and expert knowledge to help your food & agricultural company to grow in the global marketplace.

We import and export seeds, some types of food for large retailers, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, plant and crop protection products, and specific technologies and chemical solutions for agriculture.
We use a dense sales network in Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt to carry out import and export operations. We are also working with new partners in Europe and in the Middle East.

The effects of globalization and the opening of markets have been widely discussed: the expansion of international trade has given a strong impulse to the desire of growth and of well-being, both in emerging and developed countries. However, the impact of technology on work has contributed to the increase of the differences in well-being distribution.
At WMD, we choose to help the international agricultural markets, especially those of emerging countries. We dedicate to the research of ideas, technologies and innovative solutions, which are essential for the improvement of the wellbeing. We study the soil, the climate, the surrounding area and the culture of the local community to ensure we apply the best practices for that specific land.

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