The founding members of WMD have a strong understanding and extensive experience, acquired at an international level and developed over two generations.

The mission is to become a leader in our target agricultural market, by offering quality products and a customer programme before and after sales.

The fundamental criteria are environmental and social sustainability, and in particular the transfer of knowledge. Nature has its equilibrium, which must be respected and taken into account, with awareness of the implication every human action can have.

Attention is paid not only to the environment, but also to the communities which inhabit it.
It is important to trust in the creation of synergies between companies and local communities, aimed at accelerating change that brings tangible benefits to the agricultural world.
WMD actively gives local people confidence, and works closely with the region.

Allowing the food value chain to progress and farms to improve their performance means offering new opportunities for development and growth.
WMD wants to enrich every harvest through technology and innovation carefully pursued over time.


“To improve the quality and quantity of crops today, and preserve the resources of tomorrow. To work hard and spread our knowledge to contribute to a healthy ecosystem for future generations. To make you the experts“.

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